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Renryuu: Ascension is an open world hentai RPG Maker game made by the solo developer RyenSaotome of Naughty-Netherpunch. The game has hundreds of characters, CG images, and events. That's why this wiki was created to help the players find what they need in the big world of Renryuu













Latest news

Changes in update 23.02.08:

- After the events of the dungeon below Meddling Castle of last update, and when you had the first CG scene with Jeanne, you can go to her room in the castle of Calterburry to get a new events advancing the political events of Amagal and Begus.

The events end with a new side-character wedding.

- The "Main" icon on the wedding screen, which you can use to toggle between main and side characters, was split into the two buttons "Main" and "Side," of which the inactive group is grey and the active group colored. I hope this will solve the problem, that some people don't realize that the button can be used to switch groups.

- The stats of the Magic Leather Shoe+ were reduced for balancing.

- The nun Enaris of the church in Aldlyn and the small elf Cookie now have full body CGs. (They're available in the CG room page "Central 2".)

- Mirel's wedding ring now increases ATK and M.ATK, instead of only ATK.

- The anvils in the fire and nature raid were changed, and now show you a special screen instead of text based options.

- You can now upgrade each (main party) wedding ring at the nature raid anvil once. (Requires the Dusty Crafting Book from the fire raid.)

- Fixed a bug which gave you a "Game Over" screen when the party split while Ryen had 0 HP, since the game thought the entire party was defeated.

- I changed the CG room screen "Others 1" with all the maids to "Central 3" and moved Zonja to "Dorgania 1" and Louise from "Others 2" to "Central 3" so that Louise is with the other maids.




[These download folders contain the game versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, a .pdf walkthrough, and the "update files" to upgrade the previous public release to the newest version. You only need to download the one .zip or .apk you need for your system.]

The download of the game is free, but if you want to support my work, you can also buy the game on Steam at or donate with a pledge at

Old news

Update 23.01.19 changes:

- A new questline with Adrianna, which start when you talk with her in the bar of Calterburry after Adrianna's first CG scene, Elly's second scene (after the events with the Luminous Order) and after you supported Varea for the throne of Amagal.

- New full body CGs for Queen Jeanne Apelia of Begus, the Magicspirit, Varea, and the maid Louise. (Can be seen when you talk with the character, or via the CG room)

- In the CG room, next to the "Scene" icon, is now a counter which shows how many CG scenes the character has, and how many of them you have unlocked.

- New full body CGs and character sprites for Kurohime.

- After the spy mission with Kurohime in Luolambo (which unlocks her as a vanguard squad leader) and when you unlocked the private beach on the island Amaranthe, a new sparkling icon will appear near Witton on the overview map.

The event will trigger a story with multiple events, which are all started via such a sparkling icon on the overview map. The last event is a yellow island icon above Havaria Port, which triggers a CG on Amaranthe.

These events introduce the new character Citrinne, who was create as a reward for reaching a stretch goal on SubscribeStar a while ago.

- I fixed a bug which caused the tentacles in the secret prison to appear when you used the CG room to watch the scene of Irinlia and Lace while you're on their good route.


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